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SecureDoc-DNA introduces the most secure platform for protecting your print and electronic documents.

DNA Fingerprinting for your Document

A Technological Breakthrough in Document Security

Everyone has important documents you need to protect. Start on your path to peace of mind knowing your documents are always safe and secure.

Portfolio of Security Products

  • SecureDoc-DNA Document Security
  • SecureDoc-DNA Security Paper
  • SecureDoc-DNA Notary Service
  • SecureDoc-DNA Authentication Services
  • Paper Forensics – Document Examination Serives

Page Level Encryption

Every page of every document has multiple encrypted document identification codes imbedded in the page, making it fraud-proof.

SecureDoc-DNA Security Paper & Encrypted Printing Technology

We utilize SecureDoc-DNA Security Paper & Encrypted Printing Technology to secure your important documents.

SecureDoc-DNA Secure Data Center

SecureDoc-DNA offers multiple layers of security for your stored documents, with military grade encryption, during upload, download and at rest.

SecureDoc-DNA Authentication & Recertification

If your document is ever lost or destroyed, SecureDoc-DNA Authentication Services can replace your documents with new encryption codes and legal process. Your documents are always safe and secure.

Relax and enjoy that cup of coffee.

Relax and enjoy that peace of mind knowing that your important documents are safe and secure. We’re always watching and protecting your data.

Relaxing with a cup of coffee.