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Security &  Your Data Privacy

We understand the importance of protecting your private information and data. We work hard every day to ensure that we continually improve our security.

How We Keep You Safe

Encrypted Data during upload, download and at rest

All Of Your Data Is Kept Confidential


 We Eliminate Submission Risks with Encryption Technology

Two-factor authentication for database access

Our Processors use fingerprint authentication to access our database

Only complex passwords are used.

Page Level Encryption

Encrypted Security Printing & Patented Security Paper is used.

SecureDoc-DNA Runs on AWS and is protected by multiple layers of encryption and security.


SecureDoc-DNA Securing your life, one document at a time

1. White collar crime costs upwards of $600 billion dollars every year.
2. Much of that total is associated with fraudulent activity involving legal documents.
3. Information on wills, trusts, stock certificates, contracts and agreements are altered.
4. Millions of dollars are spent on legal fees to dispute altered documents.
5. SecureDoc-DNA offers a complete portfolio to technologies to help you secure and protect your personal documents and data.
6. We can secure every sheet in every document with page-level encryption and can verify that it is authentic.