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About Us

SecureDoc-DNA is introducing a breakthrough technology for the identification and protection of legal documents. Our DNA encryption technology embeds hidden encrypted document identification security codes into electronic or paper documents. Every page in the document has its own identification codes, protecting if from any fraudulent activity.

Cobb Innovations, LLC, the developer of SecureDoc-DNA, is an innovative company specializing in bringing new scientific technologies to legal document security and paper forensics. We are paper and printing experts that understand the science and relationships between paper, ink, and toner and different printing processes. We are changing the course of forensic document examinations through innovation and technical advancements.

We work closely with individuals, the legal community, document examiners, handwriting experts and law enforcement agencies, investigating fraudulent activities surrounding any legal or questioned document. Doug Cobb is a frequent presenter at national and international forensics conferences, presenting on topics of document forensics and document security.0


Douglas Cobb

  • Paper Scientist
  • Forensic Document Examiner
  • Document Security Expert

Doug Cobb is the Innovator of SecureDoc-DNA Technology is a Paper Scientist and Document Security Expert with over 29 years of professional experience. He applies his expertise towards the resolution of conflicts involving disputed documents, including wills, trusts, checks, contracts, deeds, mortgage documents, prenuptial agreements, voter registration forms, and ballot cards. He specializes in the investigation and analysis of forged or altered documents, specifically where there is suspicion that sections were inserted, modified, or copied/pasted from other sources.

Doug has introduced two innovative technologies for advancements in forensic document examination and legal document security, ScanRite Paper ID Technology and SecureDoc-DNA.

Doug’s vast experience in wet end and surface & colloid chemistry is instrumental in the evaluation of the relationship of paper and ink. His paper science background brings a scientific perspective to paper and handwriting analysis and document security. He is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences educating document examiners and handwriting examiners on topics of document forensics and document security.