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About Us

SecureDoc-DNA is introducing a breakthrough technology for the identification and protection of legal documents. Our SecureDoc-DNA technology embeds hidden encrypted document identification security codes into electronic or paper documents. Every page in the document has its own DNA identification codes, protecting if from any fraudulent activity. If the document's authenticity is ever questioned, it can be verified and authenticated if it is the original and not a copy.

Cobb Innovations, LLC, the developer of SecureDoc-DNA, is an innovative company specializing in bringing new scientific technologies to legal document security and forensic document examinations. We are paper and printing experts that understand the science of paper, ink, and toner and printing processes. We are changing the course of forensic document examinations through innovation and technical advancements.

We work closely with individuals, the legal community, document examiners, handwriting experts and law enforcement agencies, investigating fraudulent activities surrounding any legal or questioned document. Doug Cobb is a frequent presenter at national and international forensic conferences, presenting on document forensics and document security.

Protect your important documents from forgery or fraud.

Security You Can Trust!

Let our SecureDoc-DNA Technology help you secure your life. We make protecting your important documents simple so you can worry about other things in your life.

SecureDoc-DNA Document Security - How it Works
Document DNA Encryption Technology

Our SecureDoc-DNA encryption technology imbeds hidden identification codes into your document, protecting it from fraud or forgery.

Businesses: Protect Your Important Documents

Protect contracts, agreements, leases, HR documents and mortgage documents from being altered or manipulated with SecureDoc-DNA Document Security System.

Support For Your Clients

Attorneys: Protect Your Clients Documents with our SecureDoc-DNA Technology. We offer a page-level, DNA encryption, making every page unique and verifiable.

Use SecureDoc-DNA: Relax, Your Documents are Protected.

Our SecureDoc-DNA encryption technology allows every page of your document to be identified as the original document. No fraud or forgery can get by our system.


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Paper Forensics &
Authentication Services

We have a team of Forensic Document and Forensic Paper Examiners available to assist with any disputed or questioned document. Our Authentication Services will guide you through the legal process to replace and recertify any lost, stolen or destroyed document.

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